Hey! What are you doing!

“…It’s pretty sweet,” Ding Ji said.

“When I came out I ate ice cream,” Lin Wuyu said. “I’m a little full now.”

“With that appetite of yours, a single ice cream can make you full?” Ding Ji stood up and washed his hands in the neighboring small store, wheeling his moped out.

“Three boxes.” Lin Wuyu rubbed his stomach. “I really am a little full. Ice cream takes up more space than rice.”

“You’re heading towards a watery escape,” Liu Jinpeng couldn’t help but say.

“Be a little more civilized.” Ding Ji got on the vehicle, tilting his head towards Lin Wuyu. “Get on.”

Lin Wuyu put the big bag in his hand on the pedal.

“You bought something?” Ding Ji asked.

“Mhm, powdered milk,” Lin Wuyu said. “Transfer two hundred yuan to me in a bit. We can count it as having bought it together.”

“Okay.” Ding Ji nodded.

When Lin Wuyu got on the vehicle, he stuffed his shirttail into his waistband.

“What kind of village is this sort of fashion trending in?” Liu Jinpeng eyed him judgmentally.

“Shut up.” Ding Ji started up the moped and didn’t wait for Liu Jinpeng to respond before he drove it over to the fruit vending street.

“Can we get through this way?” Lin Wuyu asked behind him.

“We can.” Ding Ji nimbly maneuvered through the crowds. “I can get out of here with my eyes closed, relax.”

“You…” Lin Wuyu looked back in the watermelon stand’s direction. “No wonder when you said I wasn’t a peach blossom last time, you blurted out watermelons instead?”

“What?” Ding Ji turned his head.

“Do you sell watermelons there often?” Lin Wuyu asked.

As expected.

Ding Ji sighed.

“It’s not my stand.” He didn’t know how to say it either, or whether Lin Wuyu would believe him. “Those are Pengpeng’s watermelons.”

“Oh, you were helping?” Lin Wuyu said. “Selling that entire cart of watermelons can’t earn you that much money, right? And you two still split it?”

“I wasn’t helping,” Ding Ji said. “I was just there eating watermelons!”

“Got it,” Lin Wuyu said.

Ding Ji felt like the more he explained, the more he seemed like he was making things up, so he could only change the subject: “Where are you living these days?”

“The dorms,” Lin Wuyu said.

“…Oh.” Ding Ji nodded. He hadn’t lived at school for quite a while, and he often didn’t realize that.

The orphanage was very far. When they got there, Lin Wuyu was a little worried that this moped wouldn’t be able to drive back.

“Impossible,” Ding Ji said. “I added a battery. It can even do two round trips around the suburbs.”

“This vehicle of yours is yelling to traffic police from head to toe.” Lin Wuyu sighed.

“What’s it yelling?” Ding Ji locked up the vehicle.

“Come and catch me,” Lin Wuyu shouted, waving his arms.

“Just,” Ding Ji dragged his arms down, “you look like a pretty upright person, how come you’re doing these sorts of things?”

Lin Wuyu laughed and walked over to the gates of the orphanage.

The reason why the child they picked up was abandoned was probably because his right hand was congenitally disabled and he couldn’t open his palm. They couldn’t find his parents and no one had adopted him for the time being.

However, at the orphanage, the palm problem could be considered light. The woman at the reception said that if the child was a little older and had surgery to correct it, he could still be adopted.

The orphanage was filled with children with physical or mental problems like this, and many of them were rather severe. Every glance made Ding Ji feel bad.

He didn’t know how Lin Wuyu felt.

He looked back.

Lin Wuyu was watching a child sitting in a small chair and nibbling at an apple. The child looked like he had intelligence issues, the muscles on his face twitching the whole time. Apple juice was all over his face and hands.

Then he grinned at Lin Wuyu.

Ding Ji quickly looked at Lin Wuyu. If this heartless person dared to turn his head coldly, he would immediately glare at him.

But Lin Wuyu didn’t turn his head. With difficulty, he pulled at the corners of his mouth and smiled at the child.

“We have a volunteer who just had a baby.” The receptionist took them inside. “She can feed the child some milk, but most of the time he still has to drink powdered milk.”

“We brought some powdered milk,” Ding Ji said. “Wuyu-gege bought it. I don’t know if it’s suitable or not.”

“It should be suitable,” Lin Wuyu said. “I asked a woman with children when I went to the maternity store.”

“You’re very kind,” the woman said, smiling. “Thank you. Students shouldn’t have to spend money. If you want to see the child in the future, just come here.”

There wasn’t much to see with the child, especially one who was sleeping.

With the woman who brought them, the three of them surrounded the cradle, looking down at the soundly sleeping child together, as if in some solemn ceremony.

It felt very foolish.

Lin Wuyu stepped aside.

“Does he have a name now?” Ding Ji asked.

“Yes, Dong Lai,” the woman said. “Purple clouds come from the east [1]. It’s auspicious.”

“Then why isn’t he called Zi Qi?” Ding Ji asked again casually.

The woman and Lin Wuyu looked at him together.

“It doesn’t sound good,” the woman said.

“Oh.” Ding Ji nodded with a smile.

After a few more words, they walked out.

After all, they weren’t familiar with this child, and they couldn’t play with him when he was asleep.

Some children in the activity room started fighting for some reason, getting into a tangle on the ground. The woman couldn’t send them out and went to help stop the fight.

“It’s nice.” Ding Ji walked out. “There are lots of things to play with in the orphanage.” 

“Mm,” Lin Wuyu responded.

“You’re going back to school later, right?” Ding Ji asked.

“Why don’t you take me back to the watermelons,” Lin Wuyu said. “I’ll buy a couple and take them back to the dorms. Help your business out a bit.”

“…I won’t charge you.” Ding Ji sighed.

“Then I won’t go,” Lin Wuyu said.

“Aiyo.” Ding Ji felt a little helpless. “Okay, okay, I’ll make it a little cheaper for you.”

“Okay.” Lin Wuyu smiled.

They had walked no more than two steps when suddenly a small black shadow scuttled out from the sides, pouncing on Lin Wuyu’s legs and hugging tight.

Lin Wuyu was startled. When he turned around, about to pull his leg away, he found that it was a little boy.

The little boy raised his head, hugging his leg and letting out a loud, clear greeting: “Daddy!”

“What…” Lin Wuyu was stunned, turning to look at Ding Ji.

The shock on Ding Ji’s face was transforming into wild laughter.

“Daddy!” the little boy shouted loudly again.

Ding Ji cracked up at once, cackling.

“Who’s your dad!” Lin Wuyu hopped backwards with one leg. The little boy clung to his leg and wouldn’t let go, so he didn’t dare to use force.

“Daddy!” the little boy continued to shout.

“Do I really look like a dad?” Lin Wuyu couldn’t help but ask Ding Ji.

Ding Ji was already laughing so hard that he couldn’t make any sounds.

Lin Wuyu could only look down and confront this child. The child wouldn’t give up and he didn’t move either.

Only when confronting him could he see clearly that the child’s right eye was probably blind. His pupil was gray, and the socket was a bit sunken.

But his eyes were pretty big.

“Let me.” Ding Ji had finally laughed enough, coming over to squat next to his leg and take the child’s hand. “What’s your name?”

“Make him let go first,” Lin Wuyu said.

Ding Ji looked up at him and mouthed “you shut up.”

“Ding Man,” the little boy answered.

“Ding Man [2]? Why does it sound kind of familiar? ” Ding Ji looked up at Lin Wuyu again.

“The meerkat in the Lion King,” Lin Wuyu said.

“Ah, yes, the Lion King, hakuna matata.” Ding Ji tapped Ding Man’s nose. “Then you’re probably my son. My name is Ding Ji. I even know a Pengpeng [3]. I’ll bring him to play with you next time.”

“Daddy!” Ding Man didn’t hesitate for a second, turning to hug Ding Ji’s arm.

Lin Wuyu quickly backed away a bit: “This kid’s requirements for fathers are very casual.”

“If you object, why don’t you continue?” Ding Ji tsked.

“I don’t object,” Lin Wuyu said.

Ding Man was indeed called Ding Man. His name was given to him by his foster mother.

But no one knew why he was so attached to the address of “daddy.” As long it was a male older than him, he would hug him and call him daddy.

When the receptionist ran out to take him, he was still looking at Ding Ji and Lin Wuyu the whole time, waving to them: “Daddy!”

“Say goodbye to Daddy!” Ding Ji also waved.

“Daddy!” Ding Man shouted, “Daddy!”

“Byebye Daddy!” Ding Ji repeated.

“Daddy!” Ding Man continued to shout.

“Byebye Daddy!” Ding Ji waved.

“Aiyo,” sighed Lin Wuyu. The child’s intelligence was no problem; he was reluctant to let them go and refused to say the word goodbye. He had to pull Ding Ji away. “If you shout it again, I’ll answer.”

“Did his father take the boy out and throw him away…” Ding Ji sighed too.

“He probably hasn’t seen his dad. It’s all mothers, aunts and sisters here,” Lin Wuyu said.

“I never saw him when I was little either,” said Ding Ji. “But I wouldn’t grab anyone and call him Daddy.”

Lin Wuyu looked at him.

“What are you looking at.” Ding Ji glared at him.

“You have grandparents,” Lin Wuyu said. “It’s different. At least your grandparents love you dearly.”

“How do you know?” Ding Ji said. “My grandparents are very bad. They beat me every day and don’t give me any food or drinks…”

“And you still want to run to them all the time?” Lin Wuyu said, “When you open your mouth it’s all my grandma, my grandpa. I’ve never heard you talk about your mother and father.”

“What’s there to talk about?” Ding Ji took out his car keys and pushed it, movements free and easy. With this posture, there must have been at least a four-wheel car in front of him. “We’re not familiar.”

“Did you grow up with your old folks?” Lin Wuyu asked. “Parents not around?”

“More than not around,” Ding Ji tucked his shirt into his waistband and mounted the moped. “They were further than the horizon. I didn’t even know I had parents before I was ten years old.”

“Oh.” Lin Wuyu got on the back seat. “That’s good.”

Ding Ji glanced at him, not saying anything.

“Your grandparents taught you very well.” Lin Wuyu felt that his previous “that’s good” was somewhat inappropriate, so he added another.

“They don’t think so.” Ding Ji smiled and started the vehicle.

The whole way back, they didn’t talk. Sitting in the back and looking at Ding Ji’s head, Lin Wuyu entered a meditative state, the exam he had done this afternoon spinning in his head. 

The chain reaction between iodide compound E and compound H can take place under the catalysis of Cr-Ni…B is monochlorohydrin, and the chemical equation of C formed from B …simple, next…mammalian cell division can be divided into meiosis and mitosis…next, oh right, there were a few questions he hadn’t done…a U-shape with closed ends and uniform thickness…a column of mercury…when vertical, left and right sides…l1 = 18.0 cm,l2 = 12.0 cm…pressure is 12.0 cmHg…when vertical…p1 p2…level…p…according to the equilibrium conditions of force…according to Bohr’s law…according to the blahblah formula, we give the conditions that…

His body suddenly lurched forward.

Before Lin Wuyu could react to what happened, his nose had already hit the back of Ding Ji’s head.

A burst of sourness rushed to his head, like he’d eaten wasabi and tears were coming down.

“Watch the road!” Ding Ji touched the back of his head and roared, “Rushing forward with your eyes closed!”

“Do you not look at the road when you drive!” There was also a roar from the middle of the road.

“If I didn’t fucking look at the road, would you still be standing there shouting?” Ding Ji said. “If I didn’t look at the road, you’d be on the ground begging me to call 120 [4] for you right now!”

“You’re blind!” the man in the middle of the road continued to roar.

Frowning, Lin Wuyu looked over. A thin boy who looked like chopsticks—more specifically, disposable chopsticks—stood on the yellow lines in the middle, staring at them and spitting.

Skintight shirt, skintight pants, exposed ankles, and if he raised his arm it would expose his waist. Though clothing was a personal choice, and Lin Wuyu never made comments about people, he wouldn’t stop himself from wildly scorning them in his heart.

This was one of the inhuman male outfits that he could tolerate the least. Looking at it made him burst into flames for no reason, seriously affecting the physical and mental health of passersby.

“Any new words?” Ding Ji said. “If you don’t have new words, just shut up! Throwing your tiny vocabulary around, you don’t even meet ten words, so what the hell are you arguing with people on the street?”

“You don’t fucking bring your eyes when you drive…” Disposable Chopsticks entered a ranting state.

“You won’t stop, will you!” Ding Ji said. “You don’t even take your brain with you when you go out, and you’re concerned over whether I brought my eyes or not?”

The man was still shouting.

“Forget it,” Lin Wuyu said in a low voice, rubbing the tip of his nose, not wanting to see this man anymore. “Let’s go. Don’t argue with these sorts of people.”

“It’s not that I want to fight,” Ding Ji muttered. “The car seems to have run out of battery.”

“Weren’t you driving just fine?” Lin Wuyu was stunned.

“The battery’s low now. I don’t know what’s going on,” Ding Ji said. “This road is a bit uphill. If I drive it might…”

“Can it drive?” Lin Wuyu asked.

“It can, it’s just…” Ding Ji hesitated.

“Drive.” Lin Wuyu was quite blunt.

“Alright.” Ding Ji twisted the handlebar.

Disposable Chopsticks was still standing in the middle of the road cursing.

Eyeless, not watching the road, not bringing his eyes, blind, mung bean eyes…

The more he cursed the more he strayed from reality. Ding Ji’s eyes were very big. If they had to be compared to beans, they had to at least be kidney beans. 

The car started.

It moved forward slowly.

Lin Wuyu was waiting for the car to speed up and rush away. Using the last of its battery to rush 500 meters was fine, as long as they left this person behind. His harping was starting to make his head hurt.

But the car didn’t accelerate.

Slowly, unhurriedly, steadily and calmly driving forward.

To be exact, nudging forward.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Wuyu was puzzled by this phenomenon. “Drive?”

“I’m driving right now,” Ding Ji responded serenely.

“…If it’s low on battery it’s like this?” Lin Wuyu was a little confused.

“Yes,” said Ding Ji. “You didn’t let me finish my speech just now. You were like a general, drive! Then us soldiers can only drive…I just wanted to say that when it drives it’s like this.”

“I didn’t know.” Lin Wuyu suddenly kind of wanted to laugh.

“Have you never driven a moped?” Ding Ji asked.

“No,” sighed Lin Wuyu. “I thought it would go at its normal speed and then suddenly stop.”

Chopsticks was still cursing, probably thinking they were deliberately not leaving. Chopsticks got angrier and began to follow them, cursing as he walked.

Lin Wuyu didn’t feel like that person’s yelling made his head hurt anymore. He just wanted to laugh.

This scene was truly too funny.

Ding Ji probably felt it, turning with his face holding back a smile: “If I laugh right now, will he come over and hit me?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Wuyu laughed. “Why don’t you try it?”

Ding Ji turned back, facing ahead, and started to laugh as he drove.

Chopsticks still had a certain understanding of his own strength and didn’t come over to beat him up. He just cursed them for a hundred meters and then left.

The car drove forward about two hundred meters, and was declared unconscious at a crossroads.

They got off the vehicle and took turns pushing it forward.

“I’ve delayed your studies,” Ding Ji said.

“Nah,” Lin Wuyu said, “I’m studying.”

Ding Ji took a look at him: “You’re thinking about it in your head?”

“Mm.” Lin Wuyu nodded.

“Your studying style is the same as my fortune telling,” Ding Ji tsked. “Wack.”

“If I have books, I’m not always like this. I’m only like this if I don’t have books,” Lin Wuyu said with a smile. “It’s fundamentally different from your fortune telling…but your calculations aren’t not totally unreasonable, right?”

Ding Ji didn’t speak.

After twenty minutes of pushing, they finally charged the car in front of a supermarket.

Lin Wuyu went into the supermarket, walked around, and bought two boxes of two-flavored ice cream. He handed a box to Ding Ji, and they sat in the chairs in front of the supermarket waiting for it to charge.

“That…” Ding Ji stirred the ice cream vigorously and spoke up vaguely.

“Hm?” Lin Wuyu prodded the ice cream as he stirred.

“Just that, your brother…Lin Zhan, ” Ding Ji said carefully. “You asked me that day…”

“If he was still alive?” Lin Wuyu said.

“He’s alive.” Ding Ji nodded.

“Oh.” Lin Wuyu breathed a light sigh of relief, almost imperceptibly.

Ding Ji let out a breath with him.

He didn’t know whether Lin Zhan was dead or alive, and he couldn’t figure it out with his jack of all trades, hoodwinking knowledge.

He just felt that Lin Wuyu cared about this a lot. A person who didn’t believe in fate and would say “I’ve come all this way” asked him about it more than once, asked him to help calculate it, and even studied the palmistry book…

In fact, Lin Wuyu was a very capable person. If not for these interactions, he wouldn’t be able to see how much he’d been affected by these things on the surface.

Good thing he was an academic god. It would be a pity if it affected his studies.

Ding Ji wasn’t sure whether Lin Wuyu wanted Lin Zhan to be alive or not. After all, Lin Wuyu had said that he was air and a superfluous person, so his brother must not be air or superfluous…so he confirmed once again that Lin Wuyu had asked if he was “still alive” both times. Based on his years of experience, what was spoken was what he hoped to be confirmed. Otherwise, he might have asked whether he was dead or alive.

Ding Ji was sorting out his hoodwinking schemes in his mind when Lin Wuyu suddenly put his arm on his shoulder.

His train of thought immediately did a one eighty.

Hey! What are you doing!

“Thank you,” Lin Wuyu said.

“Hm?” Ding Ji looked at him.

Lin Wuyu raised his hand again and ruffled the top of his head a couple times: “Thank you.”


[1] 紫气东来, or zǐ qì dōng lái. It’s said that before Laozi went through Hangu Pass, purple clouds came from the east and they knew that there would be a sage passing through. Sure enough, Laozi came riding a green ox. 

[2] 丁满 is Timon.

[3] 彭彭 is Pumba.

[4] Chinese 911.