Well when I do get lewd it’s also on an overachiever tier.

Author: Wu Zhe, Translated by Ami <3

         Even though the overachiever Jiang Cheng’s guess was the exact opposite of his actual thoughts, Gu Fei didn’t mind. After all, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to Jiang Cheng, and didn’t want Jiang Cheng to feel unmoored by his thoughts.

         He decided to cooperate, and nodded earnestly, lest the overachiever gave him another bite.

         Not to mention, Jiang Cheng sounded extremely alluring as he said these words. Gu Fei stared at him, and felt an urge to throw him onto the reclining chair on the side, as various inappropriate imagery filled his mind: dentist chair play, train cot play; all of these scenarios were running rampant in his mind.

         Good thing it was a very wholehearted bite, so much so that it was a little vicious, almost as painful as when he was swiped with the knuckledusters a while back. The pain chased away the images in his mind as quickly as they appeared, and in due time he returned to the state of being a good wholesome youth.

         “This should be enough.” Jiang Cheng backed up a step and studied the teeth-mark. “Look how round it is, I just realized, I have pretty great teeth.”

         “Yes,” Gu Fei touched his collarbone. “After all, these teeth are capable of biting off a zipper pull.”

         “That’s right,” Jiang Cheng narrowed his eyes and peered at him. “So you better behave yourself, or else you bet your ass that I’ll chew you up and leave no bits behind.”

         “Got it.” Gu Fei answered very earnestly.

         Mr. Lu had finished preparing the tools and came in to check out the teeth-mark, “That’s good. Did you want a more cartoonish one, or something that looks a little more 3D?”

         “What’s the difference?” Jiang Cheng asked.

         “You can go through some photos.” Mr. Lu opened a notebook and pulled out a few pictures. “Something more 3D would look like this……”

         Jiang Cheng was shocked. Turns out there were quite a few people who’d done something dumb like tattooing teeth-marks onto their body. Under the cover of these other dumbasses, he and Gu Fei suddenly didn’t seem so silly anymore.

         However, this 3D looking teeth-mark…… just one glance left him slightly shell shocked. It was a black teeth-mark, with a visual effect that made it look red and puffy, the result was more than a little eerie.

         “This won’t do, right?” Jiang Cheng looked at Gu Fei. “Looks like the toxin is about to take effect or something.”

         “You’re so toxic, you’re toxic, you’re to-o-o-oxic……” Gu Fei sang quietly while leaning beside him. “What do cartoon ones look like?” [1]

         “Those ones have more of a flat look, with less shadows, and don’t look as realistic.” Mr. Lu showed them two more pictures. “Basically it’s just using the bite mark you left to create a flat design, these ones are cuter.”

         “Then let’s get this kind,” Jiang Cheng looked at the photos. In comparison, the cartoon ones might be named as such, but in reality they looked much more normal than the 3D versions, it didn’t have the intense subculture dumbass vibe. “Can we not use black?”

         “Any colour is fine, if you want I can even make it a rainbow one.” Mr. Lu said. “But my personal recommendation is to use a darker colour, it’ll look better.”

         If it wasn’t for the consideration that once carved on, it wasn’t something that could be immediately removed, Jiang Cheng would’ve wanted him to go for something like pastel blue or pink. After all, he was Good Little Bunny. 

         At the end, they chose black: a lowkey dumbassery with a tinge of cool.

         After Gu Fei lay down on the recliner, Mr. Lu put on his gloves and started to one by one demonstrate the disposable tools he would be using for the procedure: it was all needle this and tube that…… Jiang Cheng watched and thought that getting a tattoo was not much different than torture.

         Next was disinfection, then drawing the design.

         After he finished drawing on the line art, Mr. Lu even asked Jiang Cheng to check if it looked OK, then grabbed a mirror to show Gu Fei, “That’s pretty much it, if there’s no problem I’m going to start outlining.”

         According to Mr. Lu, outlining was simply carving out the outline of the design, but the word “carve” made Jiang Cheng feel a mysterious ache on his own inner thigh. He frowned, “Don’t you need topical anaesthetics or something?

         “This area isn’t very large, it’s best to just power through.” Mr. Lu said. “Good ointments don’t necessarily affect the colouring, but it does affect the suppleness of the skin, and has an impact on the shape of the design.”

         “Then…… try to power through it?” Jiang Cheng stuck his head out above Gu Fei’s face and looked at him.

         “”Mhm.” Gu Fei smiled.

         Jiang Cheng tried to control his urge of planting a kiss on Gu Fei, and sat back down in his seat. He watched as Mr. Lu picked up a tool that looked somewhat like a pen, and started to work on Gu Fei’s collar bone, poking or cutting or prodding at it.

         Gu Fei didn’t react very much. He must’ve been able to tolerate this kind of pain.

         Only, it took such a long time. Mr. Lu had his head down and half a face exposed above his mask, working away hard. Carving the outline alone took a good forty minutes of meticulous crafting.

         “It’s time to fill in the colour,” Mr. Lu said as he changed up the tools. “It probably doesn’t hurt very much right now, but it’ll start hurting later when I do the colour fill. Although, the pain is coupled with anticipation, right? It’s still an enjoyable process.”

         Jiang Cheng sat there rubbing his leg, and quietly asked Gu Fei, “Does it hurt?”

         “It’s fine for now, I’m not feeling it too much.” Gu Fei turned and smiled at him. “Probably because the skin isn’t as sensitive here, so it doesn’t feel very painful, if it was the inner thigh……”

         “Shut up.” Jiang Cheng cut him off.

         “Inner thigh is not too bad, it’s actually not as painful as the collarbone. There’s fatty tissue on the thigh, so relatively speaking it doesn’t hurt as much.” Mr. Lu glanced at Jiang Cheng. “Is your teeth-mark going to be on the inner thigh then?”

         “Ah,” Jiang Cheng folded his legs awkwardly. “You can start filling in now.”

         The colour-filling process was a boring one. Jiang Cheng watched from the side as Mr. Lu leaned over Gu Fei with an instrument that resembled something a dentist used to clean teeth, and worked on it bit by bit. Even visually it resembled a teeth cleaning session, every once in a while he had to dab away at the drops of blood that seeped out.

         Jiang Cheng wasn’t afraid of blood, but when he imagined the same thing on himself, it still made him want to squirm.

         He took out his phone and snapped a couple photos of Gu Fei, then started to play with a photo editor app. After poking around for a while, Gu Fei said, “If you’re bored, why not beat that Aixiaochu level for me. I’ve been struggling to pass that level, it’s been days since I last played.”

         “……Alrighty.” Jiang Cheng reached a hand into Gu Fei’s pant pocket and squeezed his thigh, before pulling out the phone.

         Gu Fei clucked his tongue audibly.

       “Does it hurt?” Mr. Lu asked immediately.

         “No,” Gu Fei said. “I’m already numb to the pain, can’t feel it anymore.”

         “It’s about done,” Mr. Lu wiped at the drops of blood. “You have nice collarbones, it’ll look great when it’s done.”

         Jiang Cheng leaned over to take a look, there was already half a teeth-mark visible. The skin was still red and puffy, but he could already see how it would look, it was indeed much better than the 3D versions. And coupled with Gu Fei’s nicely shaped collarbones, it really did look rather sexy.

         …… He could forgive the back and forth touching of Mr. Lu’s hands all over Gu Fei’s shoulder and clavicle.

         Jiang Cheng grabbed Gu Fei’s finger to unlock the phone, and started working on beating the level.

         As soon as he pulled up the Aixiaochu screen, he saw that Gu Fei had more than 300 little red hearts, “Fucking, this many lives?”

         “Mhm,” Gu Fei smiled. “Accumulated over the last few days of not playing.”

         “I wouldn’t be able to collect this much even if I don’t play for half a month.” Jiang Cheng tapped open his friends list to take a look, but almost wasn’t able to scroll to the end. “The number of friends you got here is a little overwhelming eh.”

         “They’re all classmates and such,” Gu Fei said. “To get extra hearts. Even with all these people, if I play all the time it still won’t be able to keep up.”

         Jiang Cheng couldn’t comprehend this behaviour from Gu Fei at all: someone who was normally like a flower atop a high cliff would go to such lengths to play a game, that he would add a bunch of people he couldn’t even recognize, let alone speak to normally. An academic slacker could throw aside the aloof persona he cultivated for more than a decade, all for an idiotic game…… What line of thinking could this possibly be.

         Li Yan had already passed the level Gu Fei was stuck on. Jiang Cheng glanced at the ranking, Li Yan was only one level away from finishing. Your competitor is about to reach the top and send over a taunting message, while you are stuck on an especially disgusting level with the least number of allowable steps. It was indeed maddening.

         Jiang Cheng put his head down and started to chip away at the game. If the tattoo session lasted long enough, he might be able to get through a few more levels.

         Something them overachievers were especially good at, was the ability to quickly gather their concentration, even if it was only an idiotic game, he could still devote his attention to it wholeheartedly. A half-assed slacker like Gu Fei cannot possibly compare to his brain efficiency and time management.

         Jiang Cheng used up six hearts to get past this level, then continued to soar past two more, and ended up only two levels below Li Yan. He was about to stretch out his slightly stiff neck and keep going, when beside him, Mr. Lu’s pseudo-dental machinery came to a stop.

         “It’s done,” Mr. Lu said. “Come see how it looks, it’s still swollen right now, once the swelling goes down it’ll look different.”

         “Let me see!” Jiang Cheng bounded up immediately, and leaned close over the reclining chair.

         This was his teeth-mark, it was a mark he was leaving on Gu Fei’s body. After going through such a long wait, it was worth it after all.

         Gu Fei’s collarbone and shoulder was a little red and puffy, but he could already see how good the black teeth-mark looked on it. Of course, it also had something to do with his own teeths being neat, well-aligned, and dashing.

         All in all, the teeth-mark looked much better than Jiang Cheng had expected. He grabbed the mirror and looked at Gu Fei in the reflection, “I think it looks pretty good, what do you think?”

         “Your teeth are so neat.” Gu Fei looked in the mirror and chuckled.

         “No shit, it’s not just my teeth that are neat, I am overall a very neat person.” Jiang Cheng said.

         Mr. Lu needed to take a half hour break, so Jiang Cheng and Gu Fei went downstairs to stroll around. They found a small cafe, ordered something to eat, and sat down.

         “Open your collar, let me take a look.” Jiang Cheng stared at Gu Fei’s shoulder.

         “You just saw it,” Gu Fei pulled down his collar. “You’ll see what it really looks like in a couple days when the swelling goes down.”

         “Did it hurt?” Jiang Cheng asked.

         “It burned,” Gu Fei frowned. “I was keeping it in and didn’t say it out loud, but it really does hurt quite a bit. I thought after I grew numb to the pain it’ll stop hurting, but it ended up being a staccato of pain amidst a sea of pain.”

         “Oh fuck,” At his words, Jiang Cheng was suddenly a little anxious. Gu Fei was someone with a high pain tolerance, if it was himself, who knew what the scene would be like. “Did he say just now that there’s more fat on the legs so it wouldn’t be as painful?”

         “Mhm,” Gu Fei looked at him. “If you’re worried about the pain, I saw that he also sells stick-on tattoos at his place, they look great, way more high-end than the for-fun ones you can buy for a couple bucks, it even comes in custom……”

         “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Jiang Cheng interrupted him.

         Gu Fei wanted very much to sit down with Jiang Cheng and have a serious chat regarding the matter of who infected whom with the dumbassery. Before he knew Jiang Cheng, he would never say one wrong thing after another like this, especially when it was something he had already deliberated about.

         “Aren’t you afraid of the pain.” Gu Fei had no choice but to explain it away.

         “The guy even said it doesn’t hurt as much in fattier areas,” Jiang Cheng looked at him. “Besides, whether I’m afraid of the pain and whether I can tolerate the pain are two different things, alright? I haven’t even tried and see for myself whether it’s painful.”

         “What if you tried and found that it hurts a lot, will you be left with just a half-assed teeth-mark?” Gu Fei smiled and said. “How about you change the location to your butt, there’s even more fatty tissue there.”

         “No way,” Jiang Cheng tsked. “It has to be the inner thigh.”

         “Why?” Gu Fei thought about it for a moment. “So salacious, doesn’t seem to match your overachiever style.”

         “Is it salacious?” Jiang Cheng narrowed his eyes and thought about it too. “Well when I do get lewd it’s also on an overachiever tier.”

         Gu Fei laughed and didn’t say any more. The really nice thing about Jiang Cheng was that his attention could be easily diverted. Most of the time he was a sensitive and conscientious person, but his heart was also large enough to store several gigabytes of torrent materials.

         “I’ll tell you,” Jiang Cheng picked up a piece of cake and nibbled on it slowly. “Why I have to put the teeth-mark there.”

         “Mhm, why?” Gu Fei asked.

         “If I put it there, when I’m helping myself and see it I’ll think, hey that’s my boyfriend’s teeth-mark.” Jiang Cheng’s eyes curved as he smiled. “It’ll be as though you’re blowing me.”

         “…… Fuck.” Gu Fei gazed at him for a long time, speechless.

         “So?” Jiang Cheng continued to look at him with his smiling eyes.

         “No, I mean,” Gu Fei started laughing. “If you really want me to blow you just give me a call, I’ll be right there. Or you can just come to me……”

         “Go away,” Jiang Cheng glared at him. “Just run with the bit why don’t you, and pretty fast too.”

         “I’m serious.” Gu Fei added.

         “You wanna fight?” Jiang Cheng took a bite of the cake violently.

         After having gone through this obscene, indecent, and filthy conversation, when they went back to Mr. Lu’s studio, Jiang Cheng kept feeling as though he gave Gu Fei money, then took him into a little dark room to do things that Gu Fei could call the cops for.

         “Go and get ready,” Mr. Lu repeated the same set of instructions. “I’ll go prepare the tools. They all have to be changed.”

         “Alright.” Gu Fei walked into the side room.

         When Jiang Cheng followed him inside, Gu Fei was standing beside the recliner, rubbing his hands together and smiling at him.

         “If you dare to strike and retaliate,” Jiang Cheng pointed at him. “I’ll smack you.”

         “Hurry up and take it off.” Gu Fei continued to rub his hands together.

         “Take what…… off?” Jiang Cheng all of a sudden couldn’t comprehend.

         “Your pants,” Gu Fei said. “I thought you wanted me to blow you.”

         “The fuck,” Jiang Cheng quickly turned to peer outside. “Can you fucking rein it in a little! Your face is so thick it’s enough to fill a three story underground parking lot!”

         To be honest, it was only then that Jiang Cheng came face to face with the fact that he was getting a tattoo in this location. It wasn’t a big deal that Gu Fei had to get down there to bite him, the problem was Mr. Lu also had to get down and hover around that area, for a pretty long time too.

         “Do you want to change the location?” Gu Fei asked while chuckling.

         Jiang Cheng didn’t answer. He leaned against the wall and pondered over it for a long time, then clenched his jaw and took his pants off, “No.”

         “Ay!” Gu Fei was startled by his abrupt movement, and instinctively came over to block him from view. “What are you doing?”

         “Come bite me,” Jiang Cheng tossed his pants to one side, and sat down on the recliner, raising a shoeless left leg onto the ledge. “Come on young man.”

         Gu Fei glanced outside, then cleared his throat.

         “Hurry up,” Jiang Cheng was worried about Mr. Lu walking in on them mid-bite, with him still in this pose. “What are you clearing your throat for, dost thou need to perform a song first?”

         “Coming.” Gu Fei looked at him, and suddenly strode over in two steps, shoved him backward, then pressing his knee to one side, bent down and bit him.

         Jiang Cheng was frightened by this brand new speed. Plus, with Gu Fei burying his head between his legs like this, he felt like his whole being was in this instant submerged in dirty little videos. His entire mind was filled with 18+ scenes and the hundreds of thousands of relevant imaginary scenarios.

         After blanking out for at least five seconds, he finally collected his thoughts amidst a surge of pain.

         “Oh fuck, ow ow ow ow OW……” He hastened to push away Gu Fei’s head.

         Gu Fei’s teeth were still clamped down on his thigh with no intention of letting go.

         “Fucking hell Gu Fei! Does it taste good!” Jiang Cheng lightly slapped Gu Fei’s head again, and said in a suppressed voice. “Would you like some sauce with it too, sir!”

         Still Gu Fei didn’t let go, just lifted a hand and grabbed a handful of Jiang Cheng’s waist. Several more seconds passed before he finally lifted his head.

         “Ah fuck,” Jiang Cheng lay back on the recliner and let out a breath of relief. “Gu Fei you’re done for, I’m noting down this incident from today, I’m telling you, unless you seriously get me off good I’m……”

         “Did you know, that some people,” Gu Fei bent down and said gently beside his ear. “Will remain in your memories in a number of ways, whether you want them to or not. Like me, for example.”

         “Writing poems are we?” Jiang Cheng chuckled.

         “Just wanted to be casually sappy.” Gu Fei quickly turned and stole a glance outside, then planted a firm kiss on Jiang Cheng’s lips.


[1]: Song: You’re So Toxic by Zhang Xueyou

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  • TL word count: 3275
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