In your dreams!

Author: Wu Zhe, Translated by Ami <3

         What is it like having an overachiever for a boyfriend?

         It’s while you’re both filled with passion, affection, and tenderness, he would suddenly want to work on a set of test questions, and you can only sit by and watch the clock while invigilating for him. Especially if this is a super intense overachiever, because as he goes into a trance and starts writing away, he will be able to turn the extremely boring act of “writing a set of test questions” into an almost holy endeavour.

         This sense of sacredness that arises so naturally out of nowhere, makes you feel like you can’t get hard even when face to face with someone you have so much affection for. Or even if you did, you’d be racked with guilt.

         And when he finally finishes a set of test questions, it will already be dinner time. You’re just about to suggest something to eat, but he’ll suddenly remind you that you still have homework to copy.

         And after you finish copying said homework, all the while looking down at yourself in disdain, and think that it’s finally done, your phone will ping and……

         Gu Fei picked up his phone and glanced at it, on the screen was a very short, simple, and to the point message from Gu Miao.

         – return

         He didn’t go home for dinner yesterday, or rather he simply hadn’t returned from the time he left for the final tournament yesterday morning until now. Gu Miao must be missing him.

         – return

         He sent a response back to Gu Miao.

         “What are you eating tonight?” He peered at Jiang Cheng after sending the message.

         “…… Fried rice cakes?” Jiang Cheng thought about it for a second.

         “Shit,” Gu Fei laughed. “Are you not tired of it?”

         “Or I’ll order takeout,” Jiang Cheng rubbed his belly. “The rice cakes are pretty filling, I’m still not hungry yet…… who messaged you?”

         “Er-Miao,” Gu Fei said. “Telling me to go back.”

         “Then you should go, you’re done copying the homework anyway.” Jiang Cheng grabbed his notebook and looked through it. “You could at least change some of the answers mister, they’re exactly the same……”

         “Not like it’s a test,” Gu Fei said. “Under the assistance of my genius desk-mate, I got all the homework questions right, what’s the problem?”

         “Your genius desk-mate just wants to sigh,” Jiang Cheng gathered up the test questions he finished. “Will you be on bedrest tomorrow?”

         “No rest,” Gu Fei shook his head. “Why don’t you come pick me up at my place?”

         “Can you get up that early? How come you’re so keen all of a sudden.” Jiang Cheng leaned back in the chair and raised his arms up in a stretch. 

         “What do you think.” Gu Fei smiled.

         Jiang Cheng insisted on going through the whole motion of his stretch, then stood up and wrapped Gu Fei in a hug.

         Gu Fei held him tight, and shut his eyes for a second.

         The question set that Jiang Cheng did that afternoon was the Language Arts test, he felt he did alright. After taking Gu Fei home, he planned to go get something to eat, then work on the English test that evening.

         “Are you able to get upstairs on your own?” Jiang Cheng looked at Gu Fei, who couldn’t seem to bring himself out of his limping act.

         “Yep, I’ll be able to run like the wind once I’m in the building.” Gu Fei hopped up and down on one leg. “Take the bike home with you, you have to come get me tomorrow anyways.”

         “I’ll call you before I leave, don’t be slow, I don’t want to be late.” Jiang Cheng said. “After all Lao-Xu…… gotta show him some goodwill.”

         “Mmn, don’t worry.” Gu Fei smiled.

         “Then you…… go on,” Jiang Cheng looked left and right, there were quite a few people walking up and down the stairs around this time, there was no way for him to do anything else. “I’ll be going.”

         Gu Fei quickly reached out and caressed Jiang Cheng’s hand that was gripping the handlebar.

         “You just had to,” Jiang Cheng said, and swiftly touched Gu Fei’s hand as well, then turned his bike around and looked at him. “I’ll leave after you head up.”

         “Message me after you finish doing the questions tonight.” Gu Fei hopped a couple of times in the doorway to the corridor.

         “Mhm.” Jiang Cheng nodded.

         Only after watching Gu Fei hop into the corridor, then bound up the stairs three steps at a time, did Jiang Cheng finally ride away on the bike.

         What is it like having a fake cripple for a boyfriend?

         It’s getting up 20 minutes earlier than usual in the morning, giving him a wake up call, then riding to his home on a bike, and watching as he continues the cripple act until he’s sat on the back of your bike. You then take him to breakfast, and after breakfast you still have to take him to school.

         To make it all as convincing as possible, you have to buy him water between classes, help him walk to the washroom, and if he wants to have a smoke before the next class, you have to go for another walk with him.

         You don’t get much time with him after school, you have to take him home on time, because his little sister is very worried, she’s been waiting at the school gates as soon as class ended. 

         Though after two or three days of this kind of life, you get used to it. After all, this guy almost never comes to school on time normally, being able to go to school together so early in the morning is a pretty great feeling.

         The next day was the start of the May 1st holidays, even though they only got three days off, everyone was still very excited. They were all excitedly discussing where to go, while cursing out the teachers for giving them a bunch of homework to drag them down.

         In fact, there wasn’t that much homework for this holiday, compared to what Jiang Cheng had before, this was next to nothing. In the past, whenever they got three days off in a row, they would get seven days worth of homework.

         Back then, Pan Zhi would always copy off of him. Who knows where Pan Zhi would get his answers from this year.

         “I have to go to the community clinic later.” Gu Fei said.

         “What for?” Jiang Cheng paused.

         “To change up the bandages, and switch to a smaller splint, one that’s a little more mobile.” Gu Fei said.

         “Wouldn’t that give you away?” Jiang Cheng looked at his leg, the splint was wrapped a little too extravagantly.

         “I just have to buy it from them,” Gu Fei said. “Li Yan and the guys bought it the first time, and wrapped it up for me, this time I’ll get a smaller one.”

         “Alright, I’ll take you later.” Jiang Cheng nodded.

         “It’s mostly to let the grandpas and grandmas see that my leg really has been broken for a few days now.” Gu Fei said.

         “Mhm,” Jiang Cheng thought about it and laughed. “How much longer until you can take it off?”

         “Half a month maybe,” Gu Fei said. “After I take it off I’ll just limp for a little while longer.”

         Jiang Cheng’s phone pinged once, he took it out for a look, it was a message from Pan Zhi.

         – we’re on our way!

         Jiang Cheng blanked, then quickly replied.

         – we?

         – relax there’s no Yu Xin

         – who else?

         – Hu Craycray and Da-Li, and two girls you probably don’t know [1]

         – who?

         – i’ll introduce you when we get there

         – both need introductions? very nice dude, good for you

         – goddamnit! prepare some night snacks for us

         – where will you stay?

         Jiang Cheng continued to type on his phone while helping Gu Fei walk toward the school gate. He knew that Pan Zhi would bring other people, but didn’t expect him to bring girls, and all mysteriously too…… had he successfully stolen his target so quickly? Or did he change his target already?

         “Is it Pan An?” Gu Fei asked.

         “Mhm, they’re arriving this evening,” Jiang Cheng said. “And I have to go pick up these grandkids.”

         “Why don’t you eat in my store later,” Gu Fei said. “Go pick them up after dinner?”

         “Sure, you got groceries?” Jiang Cheng turned his head to look at Gu Fei. Gu Fei’s arm was slung around his shoulder, once he turned, he was practically within kissing distance of Gu Fei’s nose. He hurriedly turned his face away, in fear that he would let down his guard and plant a kiss there.

         “Yeah, my mom got some.” Gu Fei smiled.

         Pan Zhi’s reply came a while later.

         – I’ll squeeze with you, the others will stay in a hotel, don’t worry it’s already booked

         – you’re not staying with one of the two girls?

         – i am telling you very seriously that i’m not that kind of person

         Jiang Cheng couldn’t stop laughing.

         “You look happy.” Gu Fei said.

         “This dumb idiot brought two girls along,” Jiang Cheng said while still laughing. “I wonder what’s going on between them.”

         “Where are they staying?” Gu Fei asked.

         “Pan Zhi is staying with me, the rest are all staying in a hotel.” Jiang Cheng said.

         “Oh——” Gu Fei answered with a drawn out voice.

         “If I’d known I would’ve bought two pillows, oh well, he can just use a rolled up blanket.” Jiang Cheng said.

         “Oh——” Gu Fei continued to draw out his reply.

         “Huh, you……” Jiang Cheng paused, then it suddenly dawned on him. “The fuck, are you……”

         “Can’t he sleep on the sofa?” Gu Fei interrupted him. “He has to sleep on the bed? It’s not even cold anymore, will he freeze if he sleeps on the sofa?”

         “No he won’t.” Jiang Cheng tried and failed to hold back his laughter. “He’ll sleep on the sofa! Let him sleep on the sofa!”

         “Why must he sleep on the sofa,” Gu Fei continued to say. “Can’t he go stay in the hotel? Everyone else is staying in the hotel, why does he have to stay with you?”

         “Ah,” Jiang Cheng looked at him, a little speechless. “Yeah.”

         Gu Fei turned and stared back at him, then said laughingly after a while, “Yeah what?”

         “Fuck,” Jiang Cheng said. “Are you for real jealous or just faking it?”

         “Half real half fake,” Gu Fei said. “I just think that under these circumstances I should show a little jealousy, otherwise it doesn’t show my importance.”

         “How important are you, you’re the most important, I’ve never in my life waited on a fake cripple like this,” Jiang Cheng chuckled. “The only thing I haven’t helped you with is going to the washroom.”

         “Forget about the washroom,” Gu Fei sighed. “Just ‘helping’ me on any regular day is enough……”

         “Shut up.” Jiang Cheng spotted Gu Miao standing at the gate.

         The thing about this jealousy, it was actually a little hard to tell real from fake. [2]

         Gu Fei had never been jealous for as long as he was alive, not that he had much opportunity to be, he didn’t know what jealousy even feels like. But it probably felt something like this: the feeling of being mildly and subtly pissed off at this Pan Zhi who liked to call himself “Pan An”, who to be fair wasn’t at all bad looking either. Though it was clear to him that there was no possibility of anything between Jiang Cheng and Mr. Pan An, who brought two mysterious girls with him on this trip.

         Most of the so-called ‘vinegar’, was probably for the sense of distance evoked by the environment Jiang Cheng had grown up in, those friends he used to have, all those people and things Gu Fei never got to witness.

         But Jiang Cheng was in a very good mood, and so he was more than willing to overlook these feelings and let himself be happy with him.

         Back at the store, Jiang Cheng continued to support him, and the two of them walked into the community clinic with expressions full of pain. They bought a lighter, more mobile splint, and got some bandages and ointment.

         The doctor knew Gu Fei well, he had had his share of injuries over the years after all. The doctor didn’t even ask any questions as they purchased these items, nor did he ask why they didn’t just change the splint and bandages right there in the clinic.

         With all these things, Gu Fei went back to the inner room of the store to change it on his own, while Jiang Cheng stood guard as he leaned against the door of the room, in case anyone suddenly entered the store and saw him.

         Gu Miao stood in front of Gu Fei, with her skateboard in hand, and an impassive expression on her face as she watched. She already knew that Gu Fei’s injury was fake, but she was filled with curiosity about the things he was tying onto his leg.

         After Gu Fei strapped on the new splint, she stuck her own leg in front of Gu Fei, pulled up her pant leg, and stared at him.

         “…… Alright.” Gu Fei sighed, and grabbed the bandages on the side, bent down and wrapped it a few times around Gu Miao’s leg, then secured it with medical tape.

         Gu Miao made her satisfaction known. There was even a little wind in her steps as she squeezed by Jiang Cheng’s side with her skateboard in her arms.

         “You just sit,” Jiang Cheng watched as she walked all the way to the courtyard in the back, then turned and said while smiling. “And tell me what to do with those ingredients.”

         “Just put them all in one pot to cook……” Before Gu Fei finished his sentence, Gu Miao had come running back again, and stood still beside Jiang Cheng.

         “What’s the matter?” Jiang Cheng asked her.

         Gu Miao bent down and tugged on Jiang Cheng’s pant leg.

         “I’m fine,” Jiang Cheng said. “My leg is great, there’s nothing wrong with your brother’s leg either……”

         “Come on,” Gu Fei started laughing, and grabbed the roll of bandages. “She wants to share the fun new thing with you.”

         “…… The heck?” Jiang Cheng blanked for a second, took another glance at Gu Miao, then walked over hesitantly. “I have to wear this too?”

         “Mhm.” Gu Fei nodded.

         Jiang Cheng pulled up a stool in resignation, and sat down in front of him, pulling up his pant leg, “Alright then.”

         Gu Fei lifted Jiang Cheng’s leg up and set it on top of his own, then wrapped the bandage around it once.

         Jiang Cheng’s calf was very straight, and very…… toned and firm. It looks…… it feels…… Gu Fei cleared his throat and stole a glance at Gu Miao, who was staring directly at his hands.

         He had no choice but to focus on wrapping the bandage. Once around, his fingertip brushed lightly against Jiang Cheng’s skin. Twice around, his fingertip brushed lightly against Jiang Cheng’s skin. Three times around, his fingertip brushed lightly against……

         “Screw you.” Jiang Cheng said.

         “Hmm?” He raised his eyes at Jiang Cheng.

         The expression on Jiang Cheng’s face was a little mystifying, “Do you even know how to do this, if not I’ll go next door and ask the doctor.”

         “Yes,” Gu Fei suppressed his laugh, put his head down and quickly wrapped the bandage around another two times, then secured it with tape. “Done.”

         Jiang Cheng put his pant leg down, stood up and stomped his foot a couple of times, and followed Gu Miao out of the inner room, but not before turning and pointing a finger at him, “Gu Fei, today I’m finally seeing you for the kind of person you really are.”

         “What kind of person?” Gu Fei chuckled and looked at him.

         “You just keep playing,” Jiang Cheng said. “To know all the top players, one need only look to Gu Fei.”

         Gu Fei laughed until he collapsed onto the cot, and didn’t manage to recover even several minutes later.

         Jiang Cheng glared at him for a while without laughing and without a word. He glanced toward the courtyard, then suddenly walked over and jumped on him, planting a firm kiss on Gu Fei’s lips, and reached a hand inside his pants.

         “Fucking hell.” Gu Fei jumped in surprise, but as a young man with a healthy body and mind, in the time of his life that could be aptly described as “spring is here and the animals are in heat”, even if he was startled, he would still have an immediate response to this kind of straightforward teasing.

         But just as he rose to the challenge, Jiang Cheng got up off his body, and said as he turned to walk out, “Enjoy this moment, young man.”

         “Fuck.” Gu Fei froze for a long while, then lay back on the cot and continued laughing for even longer.

         Compared to his academic competency, Jiang Cheng’s culinary skills really was much more like a slacker, with a capital S too. Sitting behind the cash register, Gu Fei could hear him busy at work in the kitchen, as he chopped up the vegetables in a flurry of chaos under Gu Miao’s instructions, then threw them all in the pot.

         He was just about to pull out his phone to record a video to commemorate the occasion, when he saw a few figures walking through the door. He swept his eyes over them quickly, then set his phone down on the counter, “Ma-ge.” [3]

         Monkey’s surname was Ma. Since he had now officially lost to Monkey, he decided to call him Ma-ge, to allow him to feel thoroughly satisfied.

         “How’s the leg?” Monkey grabbed a pack of cigarettes from the shelves behind him, opened it, and lit one up.

         “Just changed the splints today, might have to keep it on for another week.” Gu Fei said.

         “Get some good rest,” Monkey glanced behind him. One of the guys who followed him in walked up, and set a case of milk on the counter. Monkey patted the box. “This is for you.”

         “Thanks for the concern, Ma-ge.” Gu Fei said.

         Monkey didn’t answer, he turned and strolled slowly between the aisles, occasionally tossing things to the guys following behind him.

         There was only one familiar face among these people, the other ones were likely new recruits of Monkey’s. He probably brought his new followers here to show them that he had the power to screw somebody up, but also the grace to forgive and forget.

         Gu Fei didn’t mind acting weak, he was more worried that Monkey might be pissed to see Jiang Cheng here.

         After all, Jiang Cheng was supposed to be his lackey. That his lackey was still making dinner for him when he was down on his luck, was on a different level than simply taking him to school.

         Gu Fei glanced toward the courtyard, and discovered that Jiang Cheng was no longer in the kitchen. There was only Gu Miao standing in front of the stove, quietly guarding the pot of soup.

         Now that’s tacit understanding.

         Gu Fei suddenly felt like laughing. Jiang Cheng really was smart, and had a quick reaction too. It took only a moment for him to go into hiding.

         Monkey finished his stroll around the store, took some snacks, then led his guys away without another word to Gu Fei.

         Gu Fei waited a few more minutes before standing up and hopping on one leg to the courtyard at the back.

         “Cheng-ge?” He called out.

         “Uh huh,” Jiang Cheng walked out of the washroom, and even tugged on the waist of his pants as he walked. “All gone?”

         “Gone,” Gu Fei glanced at him. “Still acting huh.” 

         “Look who’s talking.” Jiang Cheng also threw a glance at Gu Fei’s one leg that was still curled up off the ground.

         Gu Fei put his foot down and smiled. Jiang Cheng went into the kitchen, the soup had come to a boil, he turned the heat down to low, “Monkey’s surname is Ma?”

         “Mhm.” Gu Fei nodded.

         “How could he stand having a moniker like Monkey,” Jiang Cheng said. “Isn’t he worried about people calling him a big horse monkey behind his back?” [4]

         Gu Fei didn’t answer, but started to laugh.

         Putting all the vegetables and meat in a pot together was a surefire way to make something taste good, it was also the one cooking method that best covered for the lack of culinary skills.

         With just the three of them, they managed to finish off the whole pot of food. Gu Miao even ate two bowls of rice by herself.

         After clearing the table, the two of them sat in the store and played with their phones, while Gu Miao slumped over a little table writing her homework. After leaving school, Gu Fei still made sure she read her school books on her own every day and gave her homework. 

         The little girly was writing very diligently, but almost all the answers were wrong.

         Since Gu Miao was present, they could only flirt in the way of bumping legs or touching hands, but were able to find delight in those activities nonetheless. It was true then, humans really did lower their expectations under tougher conditions……

         “Will it be enough to leave half an hour early?” Jiang Cheng glanced at the phone when it was almost 9 PM.

         “Mhm,” Gu Fei nodded. “If you leave now it’ll be fine, are you calling a cab or taking the bus?”

         “Bus,” Jiang Cheng said. “I’ll get a cab after I collect them.”

         “Then you gotta leave now.” Gu Fei said.

         “I’ll give you a call after I meet up with them,” Jiang Cheng said. “Let’s all go get some food together.”

         “It’s alright, your classmates…… I won’t come along and eat again.” Gu Fei hesitated.

         “But the point isn’t to eat,” Jiang Cheng looked at him. “It’s just…… Don’t you want to meet my old classmates? The others are whatever, but Pan Zhi, he was the only one I was really close to.”

         “Ok,” Gu Fei nodded. “I’ll wait for your call then.”

         Standing once again at the exit gate of the train station, Jiang Cheng looked around him. The jumble of crowd, the little rundown shops, none of which changed from when he first arrived here.

         It was strange indeed. Jiang Cheng lit up a cigarette and kept it in his mouth, he felt that any second now, he could turn around and see Gu Miao with her old messy head of hair. 

         In the span of several months, he had experienced feeling angry, hurt, lost, going through it all, and ended up standing here calmly with hints of excitement as he waited for Pan Zhi and the others.

         These classmates, there were traces of his old life and memories of the past on them, but at the thought of this, he didn’t feel as gloomy as he would’ve been a few months ago.

         He really did have strong adaptation skills, he thought.

         Jiang Cheng gave himself a thumbs up with the hand that was in his pocket.

         Gooda jobu.

         A train was arriving at the station. Jiang Cheng didn’t notice which train it was, nor could he be bothered to scan the crowd of people, so he climbed onto one of the stone stumps on the side and waited for Pan Zhi and the others to find him.

         “Cheng-er!” A few minutes later, Pan Zhi’s enthusiastic roar came to him from the left.

         Jiang Cheng turned and saw Pan Zhi run up, dragging a suitcase behind him. He laughed as he jumped off the stone stump and yelled out, “Grandson!”

         “Grandpa!” Pan Zhi ran until he was in front of him, then yelled again, and gave him a hug. “How long have you been waiting!”

         “Just got here,” Jiang Cheng looked behind Pan Zhi, and saw Hu Feng and Li Song, as well as the two girls behind them. Even though he didn’t know them, he still recognized that they were in the same class as Huang Hui. He immediately leaned close and asked Pan Zhi in a quiet voice. “How did you get your sight locked on people from Huang Hui’s class? Are there no girls in other classes?”

         “Grandpa, be reasonable.” Pan Zhi kept his voice down. “Li Yuqing, she’s the one who has her eyes on me, she’s the mushroom head. The other one’s called Xu Meng.”

         Jiang Cheng took another look, the two girls had similar hairstyles, one was longer and the other was shorter. He tsked, “Is it the one with long hair or short hair?”

         “Short, why would long hair be called mushroom head?” Pan Zhi said as he turned, then shouted at the others. “Hurry up!” [5]

         When Hu Feng and Li Song came over and joined in the yelling match, Jiang Cheng suddenly felt like a long time had passed indeed. It had really only been a few months, and he had already gotten used to his current situation, but there was still a sense of indescribable glee.

         “Craycray how come you gained weight again.” Jiang Cheng looked to Hu Feng.

         “Nono, I didn’t gain weight, Da-Li is wasting away every day, I only look fat in comparison.” Hu Feng said.

         “I’m quite alright,” Li Song took a step back and looked Jiang Cheng up and down. “Jiang Cheng, you’re the one who didn’t change much huh, still so handsome.”

         “No shit,” Pan Zhi said. “Grass of the School isn’t just a title, once he’s gone, they suddenly can’t find the next blade of grass.” [6]

         The two girls didn’t say anything the whole time, just stood at the side and watched them while giggling.

         “Shut up,” Jiang Cheng said to Pan Zhi. “Let’s go, we’ll take a cab, which hotel did you guys book? Let’s go set your stuff down first, then we’ll go get something to eat.”

         “We booked a Rujia, it’s probably not far from your place, didn’t you say you didn’t move very far away?” Pan Zhi said.

         “Mhm, that is pretty close,” Jiang Cheng nodded. “After we put your stuff down we’ll go get my…… friend, and eat together.”

         Jiang Cheng was about to say “classmate”, but decided ultimately on “friend”. While he couldn’t come out directly and say “boyfriend”, he would still rather say friend than a term like classmate.

         Classmate was too official, while friend was more intimate.

         The group of them called for two cabs, and headed straight for the Rujia.

         Jiang Cheng had been reminiscing the whole way. After he finished reminiscing at the train station exit, he reminisced again as he stood outside of the Rujia entrance, then when he turned around and saw the Zhoujia inn across the street, Jiang Cheng almost started to feel a little disoriented. [7]

         Some things seemed to have been forgotten in time, but only when they appeared before his eyes, did he realize with a start that it had only been a few months since he and Gu Fei had brawled like morons on a pile of snow by the side of a street.

         Yeah, only a few months. 

         He smiled, and that moron already ended up as his boyfriend.

         The group of them went out again after setting down their luggage in their rooms. Li Yuqing and Xu Meng stood outside the hotel, looking left and right, “Where are we going to eat?”

         “Not too far,” Jiang Cheng dialed Gu Fei’s number. “We can walk over on foot.”

         “Let’s eat something local, what’s the local delicacy here?” Hu Feng said.

         “Not sure, I’ll ask in a minute.” Jiang Cheng was leading them toward the next street when Gu Fei answered the phone. It had been less than an hour, but for some reason when he heard Gu Fei’s voice, he suddenly realized he missed Gu Fei very much. What the hell was wrong with him?

         “You got them?” Gu Fei asked.

         “Mhm, checked in at Rujia. We’re heading over now,” Jiang Cheng said. “Is Gu Miao there? Bring her too.”

         “She went home to sleep,” Gu Fei said. “I’ll just wait for you at the door.” 

         “Alright.” Jiang Cheng hung up.

         When they arrived at the convenience store, Gu Fei had already finished locking up, and was leaning against a lamp post on the sidewalk with a cigarette in his mouth.

         “Huh?” Pan Zhi froze. “It’s this fella?”

         “Yeah,” Jiang Cheng answered. “What’s wrong?”

         “Nothing, just a little unexpected.” Pan Zhi said quietly. “I just didn’t think you could hang out with a guy like this without you two beating each other to death.”

         “What kind of description is that.” Jiang Cheng laughed out loud. Pan Zhi really was his bestie.

         Gu Fei heard the sound of their voices approaching, and stubbed his cigarette on the garbage can nearby as he turned around.

         “My friend,” Jiang Cheng turned and introduced him to the others following behind. “Gu Fei.”

         It was the second time referring to Gu Fei as his friend, Jiang Cheng was suddenly a little nervous, he worried that he would suddenly blurt out “my boyfriend, Gu Fei” instead.

         “Ah!” Xu Meng exclaimed quietly at the back, as she grabbed Li Yuqing’s arm and swung it. “So good looking!”

         Li Yuqing reacted very quickly as she laughed and said, “Jiang Cheng, is your friend single? Why don’t you introduce him to Mengmeng.”

         In your dreams!

         In that instant Jiang Cheng imagined the giant rolling commentary in his head crashing down hard at Xu Meng. He didn’t answer, just looked at the two of them with a fake smile on his face.


[1] “Craycray” is a nickname, this guy’s name is Hu Feng, “feng” sound the same as the character for crazy. “Da-Li” is “Big Li”, his surname is Li.

[2] A colloquial term for jealousy, specifically in the romantic context, is 吃醋, which means to eat vinegar XD Wherever the text refers to jealousy, the original text is saying “eat vinegar”

[3] Ma [马] is a common surname, it also means horse. So, Monkey’s surname is horse hahahahhahaha

[4] Big horse monkey [大马猴]: a fictional creature used by parents and grandparents of northeast China to scare children into submission, much like the boogeyman. It is however widely accepted that they look comical and ugly.

[5] Mushroom head: a hairstyle, a meme

[6] Flower of the School is used to refer to the prettiest girl, and “Grass” is for the boys.

[7] Zhoujia inn is where jc stayed when he jumped through the window at Li Baoguo’s place near the beginning.

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