Gu Fei walked over and without a word, reached out and lifted up Jiang Cheng’s jersey.

Author: Wu Zhe, Translated by Ami <3

          “Cheng-ge!” Wang Xu was very quick to react. “Uh huh! Got it! Pass to you and Cheng-ge!”

          “Jiang Cheng.” Said Jiang Cheng. He wasn’t used to having a bunch of people around him calling him big bro, even though he was already grandpa to Pan Zhi.

          “Fine, Jiang Cheng it is, Jiang Cheng.” Wang Xu waved his hand absentmindedly. “We’re all bros so don’t get hung up on the rules and regulations… We’ll head to my place first to get something to eat, I asked my mom to get it all ready, then we’ll go straight to the technical college court to practice.”

          Jiang Cheng wanted to ask where the rules and regulations are, but couldn’t bring himself to. After all the delicious meat pies he had at Wang Xu’s place, he had a vested interest in preserving Wang Xu’s status as the tyrant of Class-8.

          By the time the rowdy bunch got to the restaurant, Wang Xu’s mom had packed up all the meat pies for them. Probably because it was the first time she ever got to witness Wang Xu accomplish something like ‘lead a basketball team to victory’, she was very excited.

          “Why don’t you all eat here, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to eat these while walking against the wind?” She said.

          “It’s fine, we’re in a hurry,” Wang Xu said. “We’ve got a heavy burden and very little time. You wouldn’t understand.”

          “Thanks auntie.” Jiang Cheng took the pies from her.

          “Aren’t you the sweetest, so polite every time.” Wang Xu’s mom smiled and said.


          They didn’t stay for very long, after they picked up the pies, the bunch of them rolled on in the direction of the technical college.

          “Da-Fei,” Wang Xu handed a bag of meat pies to Gu Fei. “There’s beef and pork tenderloin, which kind do you want?”

          “…… Beef.” Gu Fei said.

          “Tenderloin’s very good too, I thought you really liked it last time?” Wang Xu said.

          “I just feel like eating beef today.” Gu Fei said.

          “And Jiang Cheng?” Wang Xu shoved the bag in front of Jiang Cheng’s face.

          “I’ll try the tenderloin.” Jiang Cheng followed Wang Xu’s advice and picked out one of the pies with pork tenderloin filling.

          Beside them, Gu Fei suddenly choked on something, he turned away and coughed it out.

          Jiang Cheng pulled out a water bottle from his backpack, “Want some water?”

          “Uh huh.” Gu Fei accepted the water and took a few big gulps.

          “Hey, that water bottle looks nice,” Wang Xu said. “Sporty, very obviously made for athletes. I’m just saying Jiang Cheng, you’re really good at putting on a show sometimes, no wonder people got a problem with you.”

          “…… If even a water bottle counts as putting on a show,” Jiang Cheng said. “Aren’t your standards a little low?”

          “Naw,” Guo Xu said beside him. “When there’s someone like you who obviously doesn’t belong here, and who actually came from some big city, to a remote place like ours you are the show.”

          Everyone voiced their agreement.

          Jiang Cheng was at a loss.


          The court at the technical college wasn’t as nice as Fourth High’s, but everyone still crouched diligently by the courtside in discussion of game strategy, then trained rigorously according to their established plan.

          It was worth mentioning that despite not paying any attention during actual class, these guys from Class-8 made impressive strides in improving their basketball skills since receiving the positive reinforcement of the previous win. They had come a long way since the days of chasing the ball around the court, several of them now embraced the importance of cooperation and guarding their teammates. Jiang Cheng was so touched he felt like composing an English radio announcement to commend them.

          Due to the games, the first class of the afternoon was a mess as expected, with the teachers not even bothering to rein them in. The Class-8 team practiced at the technical college until halfway through the first period, then walked back to school together.

          There was already a crowd gathered around the court, this time the arrival of the usually shunned Class-8 team immediately drew the attention of the crowd. Jiang Cheng was surprised to discover that in a few short days, they had already amassed quite a fanbase.

          Before they even got to their resting area, Wang Xu zipped open his jacket with a flourish, and in one smooth motion took it off and tossed it to one side, so that it landed right on top of the Lu Xiaobin next to him.

          “Hold it yourself.” Lu Xiaobin was about to chuck it back to him.

          “Hold it for a sec!” Wang Xu turned to glower at him.

          “…… We should really assign a dedicated photographer to you.” Lu Xiaobin said.

          “All this whining, all this reluctance, just from asking you to help hold my jacket,” Wang Xu chided. “Are you the captain or am I?”

          Lu Xiaobin didn’t answer, only turned his face away and ignored him.


          What came as a serious shock for Jiang Cheng was the sight of Lao-Xu and Lao-Lu in athletic wear, waiting for them by the court.

          “Tell me that’s not our external reinforcement?” Jiang Cheng had to ask.

          “To be fair,” Gu Fei also found it amusing and chuckled. “Lao-Xu and Lao-Lu are both from our class, if we switch them on, it wouldn’t even count as external. Lao-Lu actually plays pretty well. There’s going to be an inter-school staff basketball tournament soon, you should go watch.”

          “Our principal must really love basketball.” Jiang Cheng sighed.

          He spotted the principal just as the words left his mouth. 

          The principal’s surname was Liu, Jiang Cheng had never been face to face with him, so he jumped when principal Liu suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of him. He noticed a pimple on the side of the principal’s nose, and wondered if it was caused by the excitement of the games.

          “Jiang Cheng,” Principal Liu smiled and clapped his hand on Jiang Cheng’s shoulder. “Not bad, I watched you guys play, not bad at all! With your ability, you’ll have no problem playing for our school team!”

          “Principal Liu,” Before Jiang Cheng even got a word out, Wang Xu rushed to say. “Don’t touch his shoulder.”

          “I……” Jiang Cheng looked at Wang Xu, and had the feeling that this guy’s brain wasn’t just missing a string, but an entire instrument.

          “Alright alright, I won’t touch him.” Principal Liu didn’t seem very bothered, after he commended Jiang Cheng he went on to pat Gu Fei on the shoulder. “Your shoulder is OK, right?”

          “Nope.” Gu Fei gave him a wry smile.

          “You rascal,” The principal pointed at him and laughed. “The only times I don’t find you annoying are when you’re playing ball, you and Jiang Cheng really are perfect partners. You two have got to come out for our staff tournament next time!”

          “Nope.” Gu Fei continued to smile.

          Principal Liu pointed at him but wasn’t able to get a word out, so he turned around and waved to someone behind him, “Reporter, come interview our dark horse pair!”


          A very hipster looking boy with a face full of pimples and a girl who was so short she could take stalker photos while standing right in front of the person immediately walked up to them.

          “Hello, we’re reporters for the school radio station,” The hipster boy first snapped a bunch of photos of the two of them with his point-and-shoot, then took out a little notepad. “We’d like to ask you some questions.”

          For a crappy school with less tests even than other schools, they actually had a radio station, and reporters??

          “…… Hello.” Jiang Cheng was rather irritated at suddenly being photographed without so much as a warning, especially with the guy getting all up in his face. He had the urge to grab the camera to check how his image had been tarnished.

          Gu Fei simply turned and walked away.

          “Classmate Gu Fei,” The waifish girl chased after him anxiously. “Classmate Gu Fei! I have a couple of questions for you……”

          “Classmate Jiang Cheng,” The hipster boy immediately blocked off Jiang Cheng’s path to the Class-8 resting area. “Will you answer a couple of questions for me please.”

          Jiang Cheng wanted to ask whether all their questions had been prepared in couplets.

          “The result of your last game was rather unexpected,” The hipster boy looked at him. “I just want to ask……”

          “Wang Xu!” At once, Jiang Cheng spotted Wang Xu, who had been looking this way expectedly. “Captain!””

          “Ayy! Yes, what’s up?” Wang Xu made his way over with lightning speed.

          “This is a reporter for the school radio station,” Jiang Cheng introduced them. “I think his questions are better answered by the team captain, our captain really is the team’s soul…”

          “What question?” Wang Xu immediately fixed his eyes on the reporter. “I can answer.”

          Jiang Cheng hurried to retreat, the hipster boy wanted to stop him but was blocked by Wang Xu, “Ask away, but my time is limited, so you should pick the important ones.”


          The members of the Class-7 team had already arrived. Jiang Cheng sat on the bench and tried hard not to look at all the phones and cameras directed at him and Gu Fei, trying instead to direct his attention to the Class-7 team.

          “Looking for Hu Jian?” Gu Fei asked as he changed out of his street shoes.

          “Is that their reinforcement?” Jiang Cheng raised his chin at a guy on the other side with a wild boar pattern engraved into his buzz cut.

          “Mmn,” Gu Fei also looked up. “There’s only one so far, I wonder if there will be more later.”

          “Dirty player?” Jiang Cheng asked.

          “Very dirty.” Gu Fei said. “Not A Good Bird and I lose more than half of our games with them.”

          Jiang Cheng looked at Gu Fei in astonishment, because frankly under normal circumstances, Not A Good Bird with the addition of Li Yan and Gu Fei, the six of them could probably beat the crap out of most other teams.

          “They will have certain people foul on purpose,” Gu Fei said. “Their team has a lot of reserves, if things aren’t going their way they’ll switch the alternates on just to foul, as long as they can disrupt us enough that we can’t score.”

          “No worries.” Jiang Cheng took off his jacket. “As long as they don’t bring knives into it, we’ll pick them off as they come.”

          “You cover me,” Gu Fei said. “Jiuri and the guys are pretty good now at working together, we don’t even have to go above our usual level to win this one.”

          “Mmn.” Jiang Cheng nodded.

          Perfect partners?

          Jiang Cheng quite liked this label.

          “Give us a smile.” Gu Fei turned.

          “Hmm?” Jiang Cheng glanced at him, then turned around with him and saw Yi Jing with a camera pointed at them. And so he smiled.

          “Add oil!” Yi Jing clenched her fist and gestured at them encouragingly. [1]


          By now the games all ran one at a time, for everyone’s viewing pleasure the two matches of each day were scheduled separately. Therefore, the spaces around the court were completely taken up by the players and the crowd of onlookers.

          Since there were no bleachers, everyone gathered right up against the boundary lines. Being watched so closely by the audience was no doubt nerve-racking, but it was also exhilarating at the same time.

          Jiang Cheng had never played a game while being so tightly surrounded before, he felt an strange excitement. If only Pan Zhi was here, he thought. If they had Pan Zhi on the team, they’d take the crown for sure.

          The referee blew the whistle.

          Players from both teams filed into the court, then the captain of each team gathered in the centre for the jump ball.

          On Class-8’s side it was Wang Xu, Jiang Cheng didn’t want to waste their main force on the jump. Compared to Wang Xu’s stealing ability, Gu Fei was much better suited for the job.

          “Jiuri,” Gu Fei followed behind Wang Xu. “It’s all up to you now.”

          Wang Xu didn’t turn around, only pounded his chest a couple of times.


          Wild Boar Head hadn’t come on yet, at the moment they were facing Class-7’s regular formation.

          Jiang Cheng exchanged a look with Gu Fei across the court and got into the ready position.

          The whistle blew again, and the ball was tossed up in the air. There was a moment of quiet among the crowd of onlookers, and in this brief interval they all heard an angry roar from Wang Xu, as he slammed his palm hard on the ball.

          He even managed to rather competently swat the ball in Gu Fei’s direction.

          Gu Fei reached out and instantly palmed the pall, but when he turned around, all of the Class-7 team had rushed back to their defense, leaving Hu Jian by his side as a screen.

          Gu Fei took a step forward with the ball, and Hu Jian immediately took one step alongside him. Gu Fei passed the ball away with his backhand.

          By the time Jiang Cheng received the pass, Gu Fei had already darted out in front of him, Jiang Cheng followed closely behind, then threw the ball to Guo Xu. Guo Xu dared not carry it for too long, and a few strides later bounced it back to Gu Fei, who was by now rapidly approaching the 3-point line.

          They had good momentum.

          Jiang Cheng gave these people a mental thumbs up. Just half a month ago, they never would have been able to carry out this level of coordination.

          Class-7’s circle of defense was closing in tight, and quickly too. But frankly compared to Class-5 it was nothing. After all, Class-5 was a strong team second only to the reigning champion Class-2. It must have been rather demoralizing to be eliminated by them so unexpectedly.

          Gu Fei took a step forward on the 3-point line and raised the ball up.

          Jiang Cheng ran up and called out in a low voice, “Here.”

          With a flip of his wrist Gu Fei passed the ball over. Jiang Cheng jumped up to receive it, and before the other team realized what was going on he immediately followed it up with a 3-point jump shot.

          It was a rather nerve-racking shot for Jiang Cheng. This was the first shot of the game, it had to go in.

          Good thing that as a long time overachiever, he possessed the excellent mental composure necessary for showing off… 

          The ball went in.

          A wave of cheer erupted from the Class-8 resting area and spread out to the entire court.


          The ball was now in Class-7’s court. Gu Fei jogged ahead of Jiang Cheng with his hand by his side and palm backwards.

          Jiang Cheng ran forward and slapped his hand lightly.

          Just as Gu Fei was about to take his hand back, Wang Xu ran up as well and gave his hand a loud slap, “Good job!!”

          “Ayy!” Gu Fei jumped in surprise.

          “Watch the defense!” Jiang Cheng called out.

          Class-7’s team was 3 points down immediately after opening, this seemed to awaken their fighting spirit, Hu Jian got the ball and led the way with a fierce offensive wave.

          Since they had the agreement of “letting the game speak for them” earlier, Jiang Cheng immediately ran up and got in Hu Jian’s way.

          He didn’t have any prior knowledge of Hu Jian’s skills, but the guy’s pompous trash talk was fresh on his mind. However, in Jiang Cheng’s eyes, save for Gu Fei and Li Yan, there was no one else in this place who could carry a ball past him. 

          Hu Jian was agile enough, with lots of false movements too. Jiang Cheng stood in place and watched as he continued to feint left and right, forward and back, and almost wanted to remind him to stop wasting his energy.

          Just as Jiang Cheng thought the referee was about to blow the whistle to put a stop to the swaying, Hu Jian suddenly swerved to the left and charged forward with the ball.

          Jiang Cheng sighed and took one big stride forward and pushed on the ball, it immediately changed directions and bounced out. Wang Xu received the pass on the side, then turned and carried the ball towards the other basket.

          Class-7’s team seemed to be caught off-guard by this sudden development, even their defense was half a beat behind. Wang Xu continued to drive forward in a flurry of motion, around him were sounds from the spectators. He made his way to the basket, and did a perfect layup even  while a defense of the other team jumped up to block the shot.

          “Great shot!” Wang Xu roared out with his fists clenched and eyes widened after scoring the 2 points. “Great shot!” 


          Class-7’s skills really were much worse compared to Class-5, at the end of the first period they were already behind by 6 points.

          “Check it,” Wang Xu said between gulps of water during intermission, he shot a look across the court. “The Class-2 team is currently checking us out, their number one opponent.”

          “Everyone from Class-5 went on to cheer for Class-7.” Lu Xiaobin said.

          “We don’t need to change anything when we go back in,” Jiang Cheng looked over there. “Just play the way you did just now, we just need to keep it up.”

          “They’re making substitutions.” Gu Fei said.

          They looked across the court and sure enough, Class-7 had switched on two of their alternates: one was a big guy with a shiny face, and the other was Wild Boar Head.

          “Try to avoid direct contact with them,” Jiang Cheng said. “And pass. As soon as someone gets close, you pass the ball right away.”

          According to Gu Fei, Wild Boar Head was here to score, that means the shiny face guy must be the dedicated fouler. Class-7 did have a lot of alternates, it was hard for Class-8 to even put together 3-5 alternates, but the number of benchwarmers they got sitting on Class-7’s side were enough to form a soccer team.


          The ball was in Class-7’s court, they passed it straight to Wild Boar Head.

          The Boar Head took the ball and descended like a tank on the other basket, with incredible speed but sturdy gait. Jiang Cheng cut in to block in front him, but after briefly braking and readjusting his direction, he knocked Jiang Cheng’s arm to the side and ran through him without any extra movements.

          Just as Jiang Cheng was about to chase him down again, Shiny Face was already coming for him in a head on collision.

          Jiang Cheng wanted to change direction to dodge him and continue forward, but Shiny Face’s shoulder already made contact against his right shoulder, crashing into him hard, and not so discreetly.

          Jiang Cheng was almost knocked to the side by the impact, he first felt numbness on his shoulder, which quickly evolved into straight up pain. He frowned.

          Typically for games like these, the referee wouldn’t blow the whistle on loose ball fouls unless the offending player literally held on to the opponent’s arm and won’t let go, in most cases the referee didn’t even notice.

          After Jiang Cheng was knocked out of the way the Wild Boar Head arrived under their basket, Gu Fei was held back by two of their opponents and wasn’t able to stop it. Wild Boar Head did a successful layup.

          There was a wave of cheers from the Class-7 crowd, some of them had picked up the benches and thumped them against the ground.


          “Be more daring!” Lao-Lu’s loud voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere, accompanied by ice cream truck music no less.

          Jiang Cheng glanced over and saw that Lao-Lu was holding a megaphone, but for some reason hadn’t bothered to turn off the default music, so it kept playing in the background as though it was his personal soundtrack.

          Lao-Lu continued to yell into the megaphone with one hand braced on his hip, “Be a little bolder! If they slam you, make sure to slam back! Dare to…”

          “Teacher Lu, teacher Lu!” The principal also held up a megaphone on the referee stand. “If you disrupt the game again it’ll count as a technical foul against Class-8!”

          Lao-Xu snatched the megaphone out of Lao-Lu’s hands and handed it to a student behind him.

          “Imma go slam people now,” Gu Fei said as he ran past Jiang Cheng. “You shake off Zhang Wei and score.”

          “You mean Shiny Face?” Jiang Cheng asked.

          Gu Fei threw a glance in the direction of Shiny Face, “……Yes.”

          “It’s not necessary, to be honest.” Jiang Cheng said.

          “You just focus on scoring.” Gu Fei replied.


          Jiang Cheng didn’t even need to ask to know that Gu Fei’s body-slam target is Wild Boar Head. At the moment, the dude and Shiny Face had each taken up the roles of scoring and disruption, respectively, and working together like a well oiled machine.

          That fact somewhat irked him. The real pair of perfect partners is right here, where do you people get off flashing your partnership?

          However, he wasn’t a big fan of deliberate fouls, though he couldn’t get into it with Gu Fei at the moment. He had no choice but to keep playing.

          Jiang Cheng kept guard at the center line, Class-7 went on the offensive right away after getting the ball, and continued to pass to Boar Head. Gu Fei didn’t get a chance to body-check him, and had no way of aiding the defense since he was once again locked down by two of their opponents.

          Jiang Cheng had no time to think, he directly inserted himself in their midst of the two people and forced his way through between them. After Gu Fei got out of the bind, he swung around and together they positioned themselves in front of the Wild Boar Head.

          The way they set up the screen, in his mind Jiang Cheng gave themselves a round of applause with cheers and screams. By the time they both steadied themselves, Wild Boar Head was still one step away. It wouldn’t count as a blocking foul.

          Absolutely perfect.

          However, Wild Boar Head was no amateur, he didn’t crash directly into them, but rather when faced with two opponents of similar stature to himself, he confidently chose to shoot.

          Gu Fei and Jiang Cheng jumped up at the same time to swat the ball.

          The ball flew off to the side and landed in Lu Xiaobin’s hands.

          That was a rather fine lid they put on the hotpot, Jiang Cheng again did some mental self-congratulation. Especially the way they worked together so synchronously, he very much enjoyed playing like this.

          But the screams from the girls at the courtside made him uneasy again, he felt a little sheepish as though he had been caught in the middle of an affair.

          Honestly, he wondered when he had become so useless.


          Once Lu Xiaobin got the ball he quickly worked with the others to launch an attack. Jiang Cheng and Gu Fei were practically glued to Wild Boar Head’s side, attached to him like shadows, and prevented him from cutting over and stealing the ball.

          On their end, Lu Xiaobin and Wang Xu continued to pass the ball around, messing up the rhythm of Class-7’s defense. Then Wang Xu got the ball and with yet another spirited roar, scored them two more points.

          There were only a few more minutes left until the end of the first half when Class-7 asked for another time-out.

          “Damn,” Gu Fei clapped his hands together. “Did Jiuri snap?”

          “He is the team captain after all,” Jiang Cheng said. “Can’t let you guys have all the glory.”

          “We need to get through the first half, the score right now is still pretty hard for them to catch up.” Gu Fei said. “It’s not easy for me to body-check him at this point either, he knows me too well.”

          “We can win regardless,” Jiang Cheng glanced at him, his gaze travelled along Gu Fei’s neck, down to his collarbone, his shoulder, and all the way to his bicep, where he paused. “Is that from getting slammed?”

          Gu Fei looked down at his arm, “That, is a result of a slingshot plus wooden bead, I got another one on my abs, wanna see?”

          “I mean,” Jiang Cheng was a little at a loss for words. “Aren’t you a little too delicate… It’s not like I used much force…”

          “This is flesh,” Gu Fei patted his own arm. “Not a tree trunk.”

          “……Sorry.” Jiang Cheng sighed.

          “It’s fine,” Gu Fei accepted the water Yi Jing handed him. “Consider it my ticket payment to your show.”

          “Fuck you.” Jiang Cheng clenched his teeth and said.

          The first half wasn’t that difficult, Class-7’s ability did not improve much with the added force of one Wild Boar Head. And now twenty minutes later, Jiang Cheng could tell that Hu Jian was nothing but an overly-confident derpacious youth, with skills that are on par with Wang Xu. If he was really gonna let his basketball skills speak for him, then at most he was a stutterer.

          As soon as the second half began, however, the entire Class-7 team acted as though they’ve been collectively injected with steroids. They had probably decided to go all in, with the intention of reducing the score difference even if they didn’t win.

          Jiang Cheng wasn’t too worried about the others, the alternates they switched on for the sole purpose of fouling didn’t dare to just casually commit an offensive foul, lest they reward their opponent with a free throw. The only problem was Wild Boar Head.

          This guy had the skills as well as the lack of shame.

          Lu Xiaobin got the ball, and as he closed in on the other side’s basket he tossed the ball to Jiang Cheng.

          It was actually not the greatest timing. Gu Fei didn’t have time to cover him, but Wild Boar Head had already rushed over.

          Jiang Cheng lowered his center of gravity and shifted the ball from his right hand to the left, shielding it with his body. Wild Boar Head closed in, planted himself on his right side, and continued to press in, inconspicuously digging into Jiang Cheng’s side with his elbow.

          Jiang Cheng was extremely irritated, but in situations like these, as long as the referee didn’t blow the whistle, he had no choice but to keep calm and carry on.

          Fortunately, Gu Fei quickly caught up to them and opened himself up to receive.

          Jiang Cheng caught sight of Gu Fei’s shoes in his peripheral vision, and with a turn of his wrist he passed the ball over.

          At the same time, Wild Boar Head jumped forward without warning and reached out a right hand as if to block the pass, but Jiang Cheng realized almost immediately that it wasn’t his intention.

          Just as Wild Boar Head reached out with his right hand, his left elbow made contact with Jiang Cheng’s stomach with the full force of his forward momentum.

          “Fuck!” Jiang Cheng squeezed out a curse in between gritted teeth.

          After the strike, the unbearably intense nauseating pain that arose from his stomach made him completely blank out for a moment, and he almost kneeled down.

          His brain was a scrambled mess from the pain, a chorus of voices in his head loudly sang out —— My wounded heart is in such agony! Why is it always me who gets hurt? Ahhhhh it’s fucking always me! [2]

          The referee blew the whistle, “Blocking foul!” [3]

          Wild Boar Head laughed lightheartedly and held up his hands.

          Most of the crowd didn’t see what exactly transpired and assumed it was a normal collision, only the members of the Class-2 team booed and gave him a thumbs down.

          “Fucking hell!” Wang Xu was right behind Jiang Cheng, he rushed over and propped him up. “How’re you doing? Is it serious?”

          “I’m fine.” Jiang Cheng took a while to finally get enough air into his lungs for an answer.

          Gu Fei walked over and without a word, reached out and lifted up Jiang Cheng’s jersey.

          Even though he had grown used to Gu Fei’s touch, but with such a big movement as this, he still had to hold back a reflexive slap.

          “You really do play dirty.” Gu Fei turned and fixed his eyes on Wild Boar Head.

          “What,” Boar Head smirked. “Going for a flop? I’m not as dirty as you.”

          Gu Fei didn’t say anything, his face darkened as he walked straight towards Wild Boar Head.

          “Gu Fei!” Jiang Cheng scrambled to grab Gu Fei’s arm.

          Gu Fei turned around and frowned, annoyance apparent on his face, “What?!”

          Jiang Cheng lowered his voice, “Basketball is basketball, the game is the game, and if they want to be shameless that’s up to them. But if we’re gonna win this, we have to win fair and square, and make sure to leave them speechless.”

          “Cheng-ge’s right!” Wang Xu agreed in a similarly repressed voice, his face solemn and tragic.

          Gu Fei stared at Jiang Cheng for a long while, then finally said, “Got it.”


[1] I… probably don’t have to explain “add oil”, but the general sentiment is “Do your best!”

[2] Hahahahaha this exact line here, Cheng-ge is an old soul.

[3] It should be a flagrant foul, but the referee didn’t see what happened so judged it as a blocking foul, which results in a milder consequence.

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