What's doge balls?

The balls of a doge.

How do you pronounce doge?

It rhymes with vogue.

Is this legal?

It is a fan translation, which is to say it is not official, but it is also legal as long as it’s not provided in exchange for money.

(and Wu Zhe did give permission over DM for Sa Ye)

Is xxx translated manually?

Everything here is human translation, with the occasional help of course of google/baidu/deepl/friends.

Do you allow epubs/pdfs/etc?

Any kind of sharing of these translations OFF site is strictly prohibited. Especially in public to a large number of people. Especially in exchange for money.

Why not?

Firstly, for most fan translations, the translator tends to go back and edit little things as they go a long, and also for consistencies sake change some terms around. The live website version is always the most accurate version, and is the way it’s meant to be consumed. It’s just respectful to the person who put in all those hours of work to not take their work out of its context. If you would like to save data, you can always save the webpage offline in the mobile browser to be read later.

Secondly and more importantly, if everyone has a free copy of a novel’s fan translation saved to their device, or god forbid even printing and selling it, it makes it that much more unlikely for future publishers to pick up an official English translation of that novel, WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL WANT, RIGHT?

Thirdly, it’s the same as artists not wanting their work to be reposted to other platforms. It’s about the copyright, but it’s also because once the work is out there out of the original creator’s sight, the creator loses control of their own work and how it’ll be used. The original work belongs to the author, but the translation (especially by fans) belongs to the translator.

Favourite doge?

  1. Cat
  2. Greyhound

How could I ever repay you?

If you can, buy the novels on jjwxc, it doesn’t cost very much at all!

Here’s Sa Ye, and here’s how.