Chapter 102

“Since in my case, I’ve people depending on me, hm? I need to stand on solid ground, and make sure that every step is steady.”

University Entrance Exam

I mentioned in one of the earlier chapters that in high school, the students choose one of 2 main streams: STEM or Humanities (there’s also arts and athletics but those are the minorities). From then on, the students in each stream would be in different homerooms, and take different classes, but the most important difference […]

Chapter 101

“You’ve worked hard, boyfriend.” He planted a kiss on Gu Fei’s lips.

Chapter 100

It might be the last chance in their high school career to get to laugh wildly like this without any inhibitions.

Chapter 97

         But no matter what the answer was, it all seemed insufficient next to ∞.

Chapter 96

“Go ahead and shout then!” Jiang Cheng threw his head back. “AHHH——”