Chapter 21

Add oil! “Hurry up and return the money.” Ding Ji pulled Liu Jinpeng to stand on the side of the street. “And do it neatly. Don’t leave any unfinished business to bother us later.” “Mm, I’ve got the numbers.” Liu Jinpeng nodded. “With this plan…he’s really not bad, huh? He didn’t make you write an […]

Chapter 20

“If I die, who are you going to ask for money?” The person shook their arm. “He can actually lend you money?” Liu Jinpeng followed at Ding Ji’s side, chattering the whole way. “Where did a high schooler like him get a hundred thousand? Did he commit a crime? Is he gonna sell you out […]

Chapter 19

At least Lin Wuyu liked men, but he was a straight guy. When Lin Wuyu returned to his dorm, there was no one in it. Right now, they were probably all either at the dining hall or in the classrooms. He ripped off the gauze on his face and looked in the mirror. The wound […]

Chapter 18

“You…Lin Wuyu you’re humiliating me!” When they walked out of the hospital gates, Ding Ji vigilantly looked around, and only then did he bring Lin Wuyu to a small cafe on the other side of the street. “Have you been staying up a lot recently?” Lin Wuyu took a mosquito-repellent light that was next to […]

Chapter 17

“Can’t bear to leave me?” Lin Wuyu asked. Lao Liu was making cameos in videos now? Ding Ji almost believed it for a moment, but Lao Liu’s expression when he rushed over to tug on his clothes made him immediately understand that this was real. Lao Liu didn’t have such good acting skills. Although he […]

Chapter 16

CW: Brief mention of bulimia. This was his first time seeing such a serious Lin Wuyu. Ding Ji didn’t really care too much about whether others knew about his achievements or not. When Lin Wuyu misunderstood him, he hadn’t insisted on explaining either. In a way, he actually enjoyed the way it felt to not […]

Chapter 15

Asking people about me, huh? Academic god. After Ding Ji announced that he was going to do something big, he didn’t share any more Moments. Something that could make a chatterer who shared at least ten things in his Moments every day shut up.  Based on Lin Wuyu’s analysis, this big thing was definitely not […]

Chapter 14

“I’m so cute. I’m the cutest.” Ding Ji was ushered into the room by his aunt. When the 120 people came, she let him out. The family saw Grandma into the ambulance. His aunt took care of Grandpa at home, and the others drove to the hospital. “You can go home.” Dad stopped Ding Ji, […]

Chapter 13

No matter how you looked at it, he seemed lonely and poor. After third grade, no one ruffled Ding Ji’s hair anymore, and his grandparents didn’t touch his head either. Because he had solemnly warned his grandparents that he was a man now. This was a man’s head, and you couldn’t touch it casually! He’d […]

Chapter 12

Hey! What are you doing! “…It’s pretty sweet,” Ding Ji said. “When I came out I ate ice cream,” Lin Wuyu said. “I’m a little full now.” “With that appetite of yours, a single ice cream can make you full?” Ding Ji stood up and washed his hands in the neighboring small store, wheeling his […]